Your new home in Switzerland designed.

When relocating or emigrating, creating a comfortable ​and functional home is essential for a smooth transition ​and a sense of belonging.

Relocating is quite literally one of the biggest moves ​we can ever make. The process can evoke a wide ​range of emotions, as it involves leaving one's ​familiar environment, adjusting to new surroundings, ​and adapting to a different way of life.

Making the right choices to allow for a soft landing can ​feel overwhelming and are often overlooked.

These are the 5 main factors often neglected when choosing ​a new home....

  • Choosing a neigbourhood best suited to your lifestyle.
  • An efficient floor plan - no redundant spaces that you end up paying for.
  • Building orientation. Do the rooms get enough natural light.
  • Taking furniture that doesn't fit optimally in the new spaces.
  • Carefully coordinating existing items with the new to create a welcoming ​and stylish home.

Having personally moved countries twice and cities four times, I have first hand knowledge of how to finetune a move and create a home in a new city. I combine my learnings from these experiences with 25 years interior design experience.

About me...

André Winkler

I have spent 25 very fulfilling years creating spaces in 8 countries.

Here are my key motivators:

  • Good design is not budget dependent. There is a design solution for ​every budget.
  • Gut feeling. The first small sketch almost always determines the ​direction for the end solution.
  • Reading my clients. Besides the brief, vital information about a ​clients style and vision often comes from the informal, spontaneous ​discussions.
  • Managing expectations. Designing solutions that are within budget ​and timeframe.
  • Enjoy the process! Creating spaces in which people feel ​comfortable and inspired is highly rewarding!

Ask yourself these questions...

  • Which neigbourhood is optimal for me?
  • Apartment or house? What's best for my lifestyle?
  • Optimal layout. Am I paying floor area I can't utilise?
  • Does the property have adequate storage? Without it your new home will end up ​being cluttered.
  • Can some of the rooms serve multiple purposes, a spare bedroom that can ​comfortably be my home office space for example?
  • What's the properties orientation? Do the rooms get enough natural light?
  • Does the furniture I'm planning to take actually fit into the new spaces?
  • Do the furniture and décor items I'm taking with complement what I'm planning to ​buy locally?
  • Have I thought about a colour scheme and style that reflects my personality?
  • Have I prioritised essential furniture – beds, seating, dining table and storage etc?
  • Have I selected a few sentimental items to pack that will provide a sense of ​familiarity remind me of home?
  • Do I have the essential appliances?
  • Have I set a budget for furnishing and decorating?
  • Have I planned a radical decluttering exercise before I start packing?

Moving On...

Turnkey solutions for your new home that will ​minimize your stress and save you time and ​money.

Services tailored to your needs include:

  • Visiting potential properties on your your behalf and ​giving you the feedback to make an informed choice.
  • A site audit measuring up the spaces and drawing ​these as the basis for the design process.
  • Helping you decide which of your furniture and other ​items to bring and incorporating them into the new ​scheme.
  • Identifying the furnishings and fittings to be bought ​locally and sourcing them based on your budget.
  • Compiling a tailor made interior design scheme ​including budgets and implementation timelines.
  • Fitout coordination. Managing movers, handymen, ​deliveries etc.

What I Can Do for You....

Moving on...

Turnkey relocation interior design



Restyling your spaces


These Four Walls...

Virtual Interior Design Consulting



Well considered interior design principles can greatly enhance a home makeover.

But customisation is key.

Every homeowner has unique preferences and needs, and my role is matching my recommendations to your individual requirements.

My interior design services are tailored to reflect your unique style and aspirations. Whether you're envisioning a modern and sleek aesthetic or a cozy and traditional ambiance, I am dedicated to crafting narratives that resonate with your lifestyle, personality, and aspirations. With a meticulous blend of artistic vision and practicality, I create interiors that not only delight the eyes but also serve as functional and comfortable living.

  • Site audit to analyse your spaces.
  • Choosing a cohesive theme or style.
  • Layout reconfigurations.
  • Furniture, accessories and décor selection.
  • Colour palette, materials and textures selection.
  • Lighting
  • Optimal home-office solutions.
  • Budget management.
  • Project management.

These Four Walls...

Virtual interior design consulting to transform a room, a space or an entire home.

Applying the same design and approach principles , I offer virtual interior design consulting. Here's how it works:

  • You identify the spaces you want to transform or re-style.
  • You contact me and after getting some admin done, I set up a private Pinterest board for us to start collaborating. Alternatives to Pinterest are also possible.
  • You whizz through the spaces, filming a video and taking photos pointing out what's bugging you and where you need my input.
  • I get busy designing tailored solutions for you and present these virtually.
  • The presentation is uploaded to the Pinterest board for you to start planning.
  • You get going with the transformation!

What My Clients Say...

Wir haben zwei Erdgeschoss-Wohnungen in der ​Kölner Innenstadt zusammengelegt. Das ​bedeutete, den Grundriss vollständig neu zu ​entwerfen und den knapp bemessenen Platz ​möglichst effizient zu nutzen.

André hat uns intensiv unterstützt bei der Planung. ​Er denkt bei jedem Aspekt für die ganze Wohnung. ​Mit Details erzielt er eine enorme

Wirkung: Auf kleinem Raum werden alle Flächen ​funktionell genutzt, durch Gimmicks erhalten die ​Räume ein großzügiges Raumgefühl. Bis heute ​staunen und freuen wir uns über seine Ideen - ​obwohl wir sie jeden Tag sehen und benutzen.

Angela & Kjell - Cologne, Germany

Amazing how you were able to interpret our living ​room just based on a floor plan, some pictures and a ​video tour! We brought your advise to reality and the ​result was a more spacious living room with more ​light.

Incredible what can be done simply by removing ​superfluous elements and shifting our furniture to ​more logical places.

You managed to uplift our living room, adding a focal ​point and creative space by moving our piano to a ​position where we first had unused couches. It's ​really a huge difference!

Eva - Ghent, Belgium

We wanted to completely renovate our 2 storey ​apartment and just couldn't find a solution for the ​layout.

We got André in to help us and in the first meeting ​he said "you need to move the bathroom!"

His trained eye moved us towards a solution in a ​few minutes, this was what needed to happen for ​the whole layout to make sense.

Ina Baum - Cologne, Germany.

Wir haben Herrn Winkler in den letzten Jahren mit der Inneneinrichtung ​(Ladenbau, Licht, Wand- und Bodengestaltung) für Neueröffnungen und ​Renovierungen unserer Wäschestores beauftragt. Weiterhin führt er an ​unserem Stammsitz immer wieder Renovierungen an der Fassade oder in den ​Büro-Räumlichkeiten durch. Wir sind mit den Designlösungen, die er findet und ​vorschlägt sehr zufrieden. Diese liegen stets im Zeit- und Budgetrahmen. Wir ​fühlen uns von Herrn Winkler während der Planung und Durchführung der ​Projekte sehr gut betreut. Wir werden hoffentlich noch viele Projekte ​gemeinsam meistern und können ihn wärmstens empfehlen.

Tanja - Albstadt - Germany

We hired André Winkler as our architect for ​renovation we did to our house. We loved his ​interpretation of the space - honouring the old but ​adding a modern twist. Andre’s clever use of space ​and light transformed a dull forgotten corner of our ​property into a contemporary master bedroom suite.

His input was invaluable and all within budget and ​timeline.

Nina - Johannesburg, South Africa

Herr Winkler beriet uns mehrfach bei der Auswahl und ​Umgestaltung von Kanzleiräumen. Seine Methoden sind ​einfach und klar. Die erzielten Effekte sind herausragend. ​Schönes Design bedeutet bei Herrn Winkler immer auch ein ​Höchstmaß an alltäglicher Funktionalität. Dazu kommt sein ​außergewöhnliches Gefühl für Stil, mit dem er uns immer ​wieder überzeugt.

Vogelsang Rechtsanwählte - Cologne, Germany

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